Morgan’s Run

The author asked me to do this cover for a book that was being published through KDP and Autumn Arch Publishing. The book is about a woman who has severe emotional issues, and tends to run when she is confronted with situations where she feels out of control. We needed a good image of a woman running that didn’t feel like a fitness ad. It also needed to feel tense and a bit edgy, and this image really captured the right concept. Not showing her face was a purposeful choice. The main character hides behind an online persona and runs away from personal contact. The edgy/grungy font helps add to the tension.

Author: mmaak

1 thought on “Morgan’s Run

  1. From the image to the fonts, this cover is a PERFECT representation of Morgan’s story. As always, Michele was lovely to work with and her design quality and precision is top-notch. I’ll definitely use her again for future projects.

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