About Me

Michele Maakestad - Graphic Designer


I want to work in a cooperative atmosphere, with new challenges and new opportunities in a long-term position. Because of the changing nature of graphic design, I am looking for a position with a company that will help me continue to learn and grow in order to ensure that our partnership will be an ongoing benefit to both of us. I wish to remain in the Iowa City/Coralville/North Liberty area in order to be able to stay active in the community.


I love being a graphic designer. I love the creativity and challenge that each new job brings.  Every project is a puzzle, with a complete set of unique pieces. Every day something new is happening in the design world. Our technology is constantly changing and new avenues of marketing are constantly appearing and disappearing. I welcome the challenge that each new project brings.


• Graphic Designer with over 25 years of experience.
• Excels with fast-turnaround, deadline driven workflow.
• Have won awards from the American Newspaper Association and Midwest Free Community Papers for newspaper advertising.
• Worked with a team of designers and created graphics for an Emmy Nominated TV commercial.
Organized and efficient.


Below is a list of software with which I am familiar. The dots indicate familiarity on a level of 1-5, with 5 being extremely proficient and 1 being a basic knowledge.

Adobe Creative Suite

Adobe InDesign •••••
Adobe Photoshop •••••
Adobe Illustrator •••••
Adobe Acrobat •••••
Adobe Bridge •••
Adobe Digital Editions ••••
Adobe Dreamweaver •••

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Word ••••
Microsoft Excel •••
Microsoft Powerpoint ••••